‘One Night Only’ with Paul Abro & Tina Schouw at Beach Road Studios

Hi lovers of magical music and word weavers.

Paul and I are so excited about our forthcoming show. A longtime friendship and mutual admiration for each others work; plus the joy of playing together on stage has brought this project to fruition. In this show we will showcase our original material, performing separately as well as joining each other on stage for certain songs.

My songwriting is about the love of painting pictures with words, an influence drawn directly from the singer/songwriter’s of the 60’s. My music also draws from an eclectic blend of genres, folk/pop/latin and jazz. I write to teach myself how to live and be in this world and through these songs of self reflection; I hope to mirror some questions and insights I have discovered on this my life’s journey.

It is on this journey that Paul and I met as friends and now we have the privilege of walking together as fellow artists’. On listening to Paul’s CD, I was struck by the imagery he painted with his songs and the wonderful way his music like the pied Piper drew me in and got me singing along. His beautiful lyrics, written from a unique angle of perception in the way he views the world and its machinations of love and life, have me mesmerized. And yes, allow me to answer the question. I am his hugest fan because his music makes me smile and finds me happy. It makes me sing along and dance, and that to me is great music.

So join us both and a dazzling line up of fellow friends/musicians for an exciting acoustic evening filled with great music to make your smile dance, your feet fly, and your heart sing. See you there? Yes? YES!

Tina Schouw

Bookings at Computicket and Computicket outlets from 1st Sept.

For Further info please contact Leah at Tones of Note on 083 546 0116.

What people are saying...


What an incredible album. From the first song to the last it keeps you captivated. I spend most of my time listening in my car and hate the short distances when I don't get to hear the entire cd. It is a soulful album and the lyrics seem to touch directly from Paul's heart to yours. The only CD in my collection I can listen to 15 times in a row and not get sick of! Fabulous!

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