The Day Before I met You (Live at the Broadcasting Corporation)

A testimony to the power of interacting in the slip and the slide of human relationships – The Day before I Met You is a reminder that it is our very connection to one another that forms the exact thread along which our paths stitch towards becoming who we eventually find ourselves to be.

When I look back at my many orbits, over the years that I have built relationship (which is most of my life!), I am so deeply impacted by the way all those who have touched my life, have added to the intricacy of my tapestries (to borrow from Angels Collide!) and the depth of my skies. It is a common human experience which I know to be true.

The mere murmurings of the saying “The day before I met you… I used to believe" – is a calling to our elastic ability to take old dogmas and bury them to make way for new ways of being, and from that place we become again, a new work in progress!

The oiling of such a process is so remarkably helped on by the friends, family, and partnerships we connect with, briefly or for life –and for me – how they have inspired and invited me to reflect, challenge and examine at least the possibility of inhabiting a new and fresh territory inside myself.

Sometimes an old map of who I was shows up in the form of an old faded black and white photograph or an old super 8 movie, barely visible in and amongst the shakings of the camera person, and faded colors – and all of a sudden I am transported back to the one who once was me!

Perhaps the shyer – less confidant – the doubter – the worrier – who inhabited too much of me – but was the very seed of the fruit that was to express the becoming of me.

If I look really closely – and carefully study the themes of change – then it’s easy to see that the common thread becomes the unknotting of constricting thoughts I carried about myself which are those I wanted and want so desperately to change, and that a path was offered sometimes graciously sometimes not! by as little as a warm and slow embrace… or a few words – or a series of deep and long conversations, or… no words at all.

Perhaps those interactions allow us to distance ourselves from ourselves just long enough to permit us to see the folly in some of the shaky foundations of belief – that they are mounted on toothpicks not solid rocks! So change can slip through the chink in the armor and intervene.

Who really knows how it all works? And it doesn’t matter! The subtle workings of the unconscious mind no doubt work their magic – and restore the new equilibrium to another place – ready again to receive and be able to recognize the next mediator of change – so the cycle can all begin again!

And to the urgent addicts amongst us who have the need for constant and never ending change – which is where I used to live my life – there is always the magnificent way in which the Universe conspires to bring people or circumstance in, to have us… well, slow down… sit up and pay attention – and to learn to savor the moment – from moment to moment – for indeed it is only that precious moment that we really have!

And that my friends – is something I would have never believed!

So hail to all those who show us who we are – and the possibility of who we might become!

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Lisa Brink

Real feel good music! I found the words of 'Angels Collide' and 'To The Moon' lingered on in my head for hours after I first heard these songs and the rest of the album makes equally enjoyable listening!