To the Moon (Live at the Broadcasting Corporation)

Once in a blue moon - or maybe more often - much more often - a love comes into our orbit that feels so other-worldly, it feels like a warm new sunrise, and opens us up to more of who we are and who we want to become.

‘ To the Moon’ is a song about such a love.

Born from a place of profound connection and intimacy, such a love seeks deep mutual respect and sees the relationship as a third entity so worthy of nurture and care. In that place the pull of the world feels lighter – as if we were bouncing around on the surface of the moon!
At the heart of the matter though – both seek to take self-responsibility – and communication – and reflection, open and honest, becomes the luxuriant soil which feeds the growth of connection.

In many moments - everything feels to fit into place, and suddenly, despite all the contradiction and confusion the whole world makes complete sense.

And we are fully in that moment…

“Us in the bed with our minds out our heads in the cold sheets with cold feet, - we are tasting the victory of love as she visits on this street,
Well it’s true what they say – it’s a long way from here to the moon –
With your love by my side it’s a ride I’ll be taking real soon.
Your love takes me higher –
It takes me to the Moon”


Call it the hormonal effect love has on our brains, or simply the weakness and complexity of our own human projection, but it feels good!!! And despite all the heart ache and pain - highs and lows - we all keep coming back for more!

Love is by far the most talked about, written and movied-about subject we occupy ourselves with.
I will only lately swear by a line from my Father’s favorite song – Nature Boy…

“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn – is just to love and be loved in return,”

He used to sing that to me when I was growing up – I didn’t quite understand what he was getting at! The older in years and experience, I become... The more I believe those words to be a deep truth!

And so… may it be that our lives be punctuated with one or many, many journeys straight…

…To the Moon!!!!!

with love and care always,
Paul Abro

* Video edited by Lara Taylor and Bernard Joffa

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A beautiful poem to love - a rare album i can listen to over, and over, and just keep wanting more! Each song is an intimate and beautiful story, hugged in ever unfolding musical journey of colour, originality, skill and inspiration. A masterful album from beginning to end. Bellissimo!