Next Time (Live at the Broadcasting Corporation)

The words say …

“She is a dedicated student of love and – she’s trying to discover – what’s up is down – what’s in is out we’re ever changing colors, kaleidoscopes of dreams and hopes reflected in our lovers – she is trying to believe again – that life invites her here to breath again – so love come crack her open wide – let her go inside – for her I can do better next time.”

To those of us, like me, who often have to try again, to get it right the first time, the song Next Time is a sweet reminder, of care, forgiveness and courage – that fairy tales can come true – they may just take a while longer than first expected. Anyway! As if all confusion and heartache – isn’t enough after the disappointment of a first time attempt – there is still the self judgment and berating that speaks out loudly holding us to a so called self account!

How heavily self-judgment befalls the moments after a ‘failed’ anything. How long it takes to assemble the courage to step out again with the hope of a victory… Next Time!

Somewhere waiting deep inside the core of who we are – lies our resilient ability to come back from the feeling of less than; surely the words …next time must be firmly etched in our DNA? We are such a robust species - we must be... We are still here!

Of all things that require the struggle of commitment and perseverance – the next time mantra – invites us to make that come back --step back into the sphere of influence – get back into the ring – back up onto the horse – whew! The metaphors are endless!

If it was a race for you – a test for me – a challenge to overcome, for us – our willingness to triumph over adversity – is surely one of the oldest gels that has glued Man and Womankind together since the beginning of time.

Therefore, however you travel –fast or slow - to make it work the first– or the next time… next time… Please carry yourself gently! Like the song says!


* Video edited by Lara Taylor and Bernard Joffa

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As soon as I heard the first track of Paul Abro's 'Another Way of Being", I knew I had encountered a unique, inimitable and flawless musical style. Not only is the music laid back and a great stress-soother but the lyrics in particular are soul-inspiring. All the tracks are a pleasure to listen to. 'Another Way of Being' is a treasure which I would highly recommend to all music lovers.