Angels Collide (Live at the Broadcasting Corporation)

The words say …

Some of the wise elders of our time tell us that sometimes relationships are not meant to last forever. As jarring as that is to our senses – having been imprinted by fairy tales –as children – and trying as hard as we can to live out the happily ever after paradigm , there is a lot to their wisdom that begs examination!

As good as everything looks on paper and seemed in the beginning, the end of a romance is sometimes inevitable – and that end – because of the happily ever after paradigm is often seen as a dismal failure, when compared to the endless streams of Hollywood films , and books and love songs ...

This song, Angels Collide, is not about that. This song is decidedly a celebration of having shared intimate spaces and journeyed a little beyond where we were to start off with, with someone special.

It also speaks of a yearning for the other to know how wonderful – those shared spaces were at the time – so that they don't become overshadowed by the perceived failure of the not foreverness of what was.

That amidst the sad ending, the harsh words exchanged and the disappointment of what "could "have been – there was likely not a space for appreciation, kindness and forgiveness over what was, at least not for a while after things are over.

On an ethereal level – those who believe in angels have often asked the question – how do they live through us – if they do at all – so in this song I am wondering how they experience the other" through us and do they long to be with the other long after the relationship is over ? hmmmm...

Anyhow – a celebration indeed – we do not come into this world alone as is commonly bantered about – we spend 9 months in utero – tied " to our life support – our mothers – and then once out we spend much of our adult life seeking to be in another connection and hoping it lasts forever!

So... If it doesn't – when it doesn't – how about changing common perception – see it a little differently , and when you're ready – find the space to thank and bless the other – knowing simply that they where assisters on your life's path –


* Video edited by Lara Taylor and Bernard Joffa

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Lisa Brink

Real feel good music! I found the words of 'Angels Collide' and 'To The Moon' lingered on in my head for hours after I first heard these songs and the rest of the album makes equally enjoyable listening!